The BEST Time-Tested Revision Hacks

Picture this, you study for hours and hours without any breaks till your exam comes. However, when you see the question paper, you just seem to not remember the answers or the concepts clearly. All you can think of in your head is a big and loud, “Why?! I had studied for this! Why can’t I remember this?”. Such incidents have happened with the best of us, and the only way to avoid it from happening again is by adopting a proper revision method.

Revision is a process of going through what you have learned in the past for improving your grasp on the material. While students believe that only studying hard will lead them to great marks, it is not entirely possible without taking time to revise the already learned concepts. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a great revision method, which not only helps you retain the knowledge you gather while studying, but also helps you score your desired marks. Curious to know how to up your revision game? Read More

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